Frequently Asked Questions

"My window will not open, will not stay up or only half of it works.  Can my window be fixed?”

In the case of a double window, Rembrandt Windows can repair the window by removing the sash, installing new mechanical balances (with tube style or acme twin or re-rope in the case of a rope and pulley system) and then re-fit the original sash. With in-swing or out-swing casement, we can refit the sash and replace the operator as needed.

“Only part of my window is damaged or broken?  Do I need a new window?”

In many cases, Rembrandt Windows will be able to repair or restore the damaged portion.  If not, we can replicate a new part (i.e. sash, sill, trim, stucco molding) to match on restoration projects.



“We are adding to our home and want the same style wood windows that are original to the house.  Can you replicate new windows that match our existing windows?”

If it once was made, Rembrandt Windows can replicate it.  Our craftsmen are skilled at reproducing casement and sash to match any style.  Additionally, we can upgrade to dual glaze glass if necessary.



“We have a sound issue where we live and would like to reduce the noise level. Are there any options for our old wood windows?”

Depending on the existing window configuration, Rembrandt Windows can upgrade the glass to either laminated or dual glaze.


“We found an old stain glass panel.  Is it possible to make it into a window?

Absolutely. Regardless of the size or shape, Rembrandt Windows can make a new frame.


“The original wood windows of our house were replaced with aluminum inserts or jalousie windows.  What can we do?

Typically the window frame is original and many times in good condition.  If so, we can install new sash to match the original style.